What Are the Best Kitchen Gadgets for Preparing Gourmet Vegan Meals at Home?

April 8, 2024

In the ever-expanding world of vegan cuisine, the right tools can make a significant difference in your cooking experience and the quality of your meals. Recipe preparation becomes easier, food tastes better, and your time spent in the kitchen becomes a joy instead of a chore. Thanks to platforms like Amazon, access to these kitchen gadgets is just a few clicks away. We’re going to delve into the world of kitchen tools specially tailored for vegan cooking, making your life easier and your meals tastier.

The Best Vegan-Friendly Cooker: The Instant Pot

The first gadget we’ll talk about is the cooker. If you’re regularly cooking vegan meals, one of the best choices you can make is investing in a high-quality, versatile cooker. Among the many options available on Amazon, the Instant Pot stands out as an excellent choice.

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The Instant Pot acts as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer all in one compact unit, saving you both counter space and money. It’s great for a wide range of vegan recipes, from slow-cooked vegetable stews to perfectly cooked grains and legumes. The Instant Pot can also make vegan yogurt, an added bonus for those who enjoy plant-based dairy alternatives.

The Instant Pot’s stainless steel interior is easy to clean and doesn’t retain the aromas of the different meals you’re making, ensuring that each dish will taste fresh and free of unwanted flavors. Its user-friendly interface and various pre-set cooking options take the guesswork out of cooking times, making your kitchen time more efficient.

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Essential Knives: Forever Sharp and Chef’s Knife

While a cooker can do a lot of heavy lifting in a vegan kitchen, there’s no substitute for a great set of knives. Vegetable preparation is a core part of vegan cooking, and a good knife can make this process quicker, easier, and safer.

When it comes to buying a knife, quality matters. A well-crafted knife will last for years and make your food preparation significantly easier. Two knives that should be in every vegan kitchen are the Forever Sharp and a Chef’s Knife.

Firstly, the Forever Sharp Knife, as the name suggests, stays extremely sharp. This means less time spent sharpening and more time slicing and dicing. It’s especially good for precision tasks, such as finely chopping herbs or slicing vegetables paper-thin.

Secondly, a good Chef’s Knife is indispensable. This all-purpose knife is great for a variety of tasks, from chopping large vegetables to mincing garlic. Look for a chef’s knife with a stainless steel blade for long-lasting sharpness and durability.

The Mightiest Blender: Vitamix

Most vegan recipes call for a blender at some point, either for making smoothies, sauces, soups, or even vegan cheeses. When it comes to blenders, not all are created equal. If you’re serious about your vegan cooking, consider investing in a Vitamix blender.

Vitamix blenders are renowned for their power and durability. They blend ingredients more finely and evenly than most other blenders, resulting in smoother soups, creamier sauces, and better-textured smoothies. You won’t find any unblended chunks in your meals when you use a Vitamix.

While a Vitamix blender may be more expensive than some other brands, its longevity and performance make it a worthwhile investment. When it comes to making gourmet vegan meals at home, a Vitamix blender can take your recipes to the next level.

Baking in Style: USA Pan Bakeware

The art of vegan baking is no longer a mystery with the right bakeware. The USA Pan Bakeware set is an excellent addition to any vegan kitchen and one of the best available on Amazon.

With a set of varying sizes and styles, these pans are great for everything from baking vegan bread to creating decadent, layered vegan cakes. The USA Pan Bakeware is made from commercial-grade, heavy-gauge aluminized steel, ensuring that your baked goods cook evenly every time.

Additionally, the pans also feature a unique, BPA-free non-stick coating, making it easy to remove your baked goods once they’re ready and simplifying cleanup afterward. Baking vegan treats has never been easier.

A Set of Versatile Tools: OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set

Last but not least, a good set of versatile kitchen tools can make your meal prep smoother and more enjoyable. The OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set, available on Amazon, is a great choice for anyone looking to equip their vegan kitchen.

This set includes everything from a potato peeler to a pizza cutter, all with comfortable, non-slip handles. The tools are sturdy and dishwasher safe, offering a balance of comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning. When it comes to making gourmet vegan meals at home, having the right tools on hand can make a big difference.

In conclusion, investing in quality kitchen gadgets can elevate your vegan cooking and make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable. Whether it’s a versatile cooker, a set of sharp knives, a powerful blender, quality bakeware, or a set of handy tools, each of these items can play a critical role in preparing gourmet vegan meals at home.

Must-Have Kitchen Appliance: The Food Processor

A food processor is another indispensable kitchen appliance for any vegan kitchen. It significantly reduces prep time and makes it easy to create a range of dishes from scratch. The Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor, available on Amazon, is a top-rated option for its features and reliability.

The Cuisinart Food Processor is a powerful machine, equipped with a stainless steel slicing disc, shredding disc, and mixing blades. It makes chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, and pureeing a breeze. Its large capacity also means you can process a large volume of ingredients at once, saving you even more time.

For those who love making homemade plant-based foods, this food processor is a dream come true. It can make everything from nut butter to tofu crumbles, vegan cheese to vegetable purées. It’s also perfect for making pie crusts, breadcrumbs, and other baking essentials.

The food processor comes with a spatula, recipe book, and dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup. Its solid construction ensures durability, making it a worthwhile investment for your vegan kitchen.

Cooking Made Easy: Air Fryer

The air fryer has revolutionized the way we cook, making it easier and healthier to enjoy our favorite foods. For vegan cooking, the air fryer is particularly beneficial, allowing you to achieve a crispy texture without using oil.

One of the best air fryers available on Amazon is the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer. This gadget is perfect for those who want to enjoy crispy tofu, roasted vegetables, and even vegan desserts without the excess oil.

With the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer, you can bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate, and rotisserie all in one device. Its easy-to-use digital display allows you to customize your cooking settings, and the large capacity can accommodate large servings.

To top it off, the air fryer features a stainless steel exterior and a non-stick, dishwasher-safe frying tray, making cleaning a breeze. This innovative kitchen gadget is a must-have for any vegan cooking enthusiast.


The vegan kitchen is a place of creativity and healthful choices, and with the right kitchen tools, it can also be a place of efficiency and ease. By investing in high-quality kitchen gadgets like the Instant Pot, a set of Forever Sharp and Chef’s Knife, a Vitamix blender, USA Pan Bakeware, the OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set, a Cuisinart Food Processor, and an Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer, you can take your vegan cooking to new heights.

Remember, a well-equipped kitchen is key to preparing delicious, gourmet vegan meals at home. Each kitchen tool serves a unique purpose and adds value to your cooking process. So, why wait? Start browsing, continue reading, and before long, you could be enjoying the fruits and vegetables of your labor, right there in your vegan kitchen. Happy cooking!